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Why our myths are a worldwide hit

The Holy Grail is buried beneath a church in Midlothian, the stone used as a pillow by Jacob in the Old Testament is under lock and key in Edinburgh Castle and Pontius Pilate was born in Perthshire, writes Ronnie Scott.

No matter how many times these myths are disproved, they continue to swirl around, with no shortage of new authors and new theories to give the hoary old stories another spin – and another generation of believers.

Is there something in the Scotch mist that feeds and supports this view of the country? There may not be a precise answer, but the connection goes deep, and plenty of authors, film-makers and other creative thinkers have chosen Scotland as the setting of their stories and films, knowing audiences will immediately understand that the country is a kind of artistic shorthand for a land of mist and mythology, where every castle has a ghost and every tree a legend.

Full story at The Herald.

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