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We’re happy here, say city’s Muslims

The Muslim population in Dunfermline feel more welcome now than they ever have, according to the leader of the city’s Islamic Centre.

“I’m happy here and I like this part of Dunfermline,” the imam said. “All over the people of Dunfermline are very nice and I love my neighbours. Most of the people here are civilised and peace-loving, and treat us equally.”

However, Abdulrazzaq Shahid (48) said some people in Dunfermline hadn’t always been so welcoming.

He explained, “The starting period for the centre was a very crucial time for us. The windows were smashed, parts of the walls were broken and somebody stole the gas metre from outside.

“Police and councillors got involved because for three years we were suffering here. I really appreciate the help of Fife police, who have always solved our problems.

“Now, there are no problems and no big issues, and nobody gives us any interference.”

Mr Shahid, who stays in Dunfermline, recalled a time when he was subjected to racial abuse.

“Three years ago, I was standing outside the mosque and a man was walking along the road. He was about 45-years-old and he said harsh words to me for no reason.

“I just ignored him – and I condemn those people because it’s not lawful. Those people have no religion because those who do, have respect for humanity.”

Full story at Dunfermline Press.

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