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Unholy row over university lecture event

Dundee University has been accused of “antagonising Christians” with a forthcoming Christmas lecture that challenges one of the central tenets of the faith.

Second-year dental student Emily Mackie said the university’s decision to call its inaugural Dundee Christmas Lecture “Why Evolution is Right … and Creationism is Wrong” is badly timed and insensitive to Christians.

The lecture is being given by Steve Jones, professor of genetics at University College, London, who claims that all biologists support the theory of evolution and that “intelligent design” – the belief that life was created as part of a divine plan – is wrong.

Dundee University principal Alan Langlands said the lecture will “serve to celebrate the close links between the university and the people of Dundee.”

However, Miss Mackie, who is also a member of Dundee University’s Christian Union, reckons the lecture will create divisions rather than bring the community together.

• Full story at the Dundee Courier.

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