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Tougher test for teachers in Catholic schools

All teachers who want to work in Catholic schools will have to seek personal approval from the Church under confidential plans drawn up by Scotland’s largest local authority.

The move in Glasgow marks a significant escalation in the rights of the Catholic Church over the employment or promotion of teachers in Catholic schools on the grounds of their “religious belief and character”. There has already been a furious backlash to the proposals from officials at the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), Scotland’s largest teaching union, who believe it flouts employment regulations.

There have also been warnings from Glasgow City Council itself that the authority could face legal action from unsuccessful candidates unless the Scottish Executive changes the law.

The new recommendation, contained in a confidential paper seen by The Herald, could ultimately clear the way for the Church to vet all teachers in each of Scotland’s 391 Catholic primaries and secondaries.

Full story at The Herald.

Background: Landmark case that has created a legal minefield

It is an unholy legal minefield involving two pieces of legislation, Scotland’s biggest council, the Catholic Church and an atheist.

When David McNab successfully argued that his human rights had been breached after he was prevented from applying for promotion at a Catholic school, the decision was seen by some as the end of the Church’s age-old right to veto staff…

Full story at The Herald.

Leader: Teacher posts

Between a rock and a hard place. That is the uncomfortable position Glasgow City Council and other local authorities with a significant number of denominational schools have found themselves in when seeking to reconcile the stance of the Roman Catholic Church with the desire of teachers to secure employment or promotion in state education. Many non-Catholic teachers believe that the church’s right to approve candidates is discriminatory and anomalous as there is no such test for Catholic teachers applying for posts or promotion in non-denominational schools.

Full story at The Herald.

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