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This Saint any old Patrick’s Day parade says church

Shamrocks, green-glad leprechauns and the consumption of a few pints of Guinness spring to mind on mention of a St Patrick’s Day parade.

But a saint’s day parade down the Royal Mile this year, believed to be the first in Edinburgh, will have a distinctly more Scottish feel.

St Patrick’s RC Church is arranging the parade to celebrate the life of its namesake, as well as to raise awareness of its campaign to raise £2 million for repairs.

Parish priest Father Ed Hone said: “We are not going to dye the fountains green like they do in New York, it is very much a celebration of the parish.

“We are not doing this as a celebration of Ireland, but who knows what will happen on the day. This is not just a jolly knees-up, it is about St Patrick, the church and life of our community.”

• Full story at the Edinburgh Evening News.

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