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The wise men offered Jesus their gifts of gold, frankincense – and haggis

The Christmas nativity scene in a Portobello church will have a distinctly Scottish flavour this year. Along with the cattle and the sheep, visitors may be surprised to find a puffin and a haggis in amongst the hay.

Revd Ruth Innes of St Mark’s Scottish Episcopal Church said: “During Advent we have been exploring the preparations people will be making for Christmas around the world.

“With the help of material from USPG entitled Born Among Us the congregation have been delighted to see parrots in a Nicaraguan crib scene, local shopkeepers in a French nativity, and wise men depicted as Buddhist monks in Nanjing.

“They began to think about what a more Scottish nativity scene might contain. Suggestions from the congregation ranged from tartan swaddling for the baby Jesus to highland coos in amongst the cattle, haggis and Scotch whisky offered as gifts and corncraiks and puffins perched on the roof.”

Full story at St Mark’s Scottish Episcopal Church.

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