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Street drinkers donate empties to help build recycled church

Street drinkers in Glasgow are donating their empties to help build a church entirely from recycled materials.

Local alcoholics [sic] are said to have been “inspired” to do their bit after the Minister of Colston Milton, the Rev Christopher Rowe, told them of the ambitious plan.

Their empty beer cans are now being stored while the church raises money and collects more materials for the environmentally friendly building.

It has already been given £42,809 by the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund to carry out a study of how the “economically and ecologically sustainable” kirk can be built and maintained.

A new building is needed as the old church has been sold off, and the hall where the Church of Scotland congregation currently worships has an “astronomical” heating bill.

Mr Rowe said: “There are loads of things which could be used for this project, old drinks cans, earth, wood, old car tyres, rubble from demolished buildings, car windscreens, the list goes on and on.

“A wonderful group of men and women who drink in the woods got inspired by the idea when I was telling them about it, so they started bringing their empty beer cans to the manse to use in the new building.”

• Full story at the Daily Telegraph.

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