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St Joseph’s make dream come true for Malawi kids

Ready access to water, one might think, should be a birthright but for many third world children it’s only a dream. And one Milngavie church has just made that dream come true for hundreds of children at a school in Malawi.

St Joseph’s Parish Church recently celebrated its 150th anniversary and as a special project to mark the occasion, Mitsidi Primary School in a rural district of Malawi was adopted under the Scottish International Aid fund’s Mary’s Meal appeal.

However, the parish raised far in excess of the amount required for the meals and it was possible to extend the help.

Parishioner Joe Murray said: “We originally aimed to raise £4,500 as it takes £5.30 to feed a child for a year, but we raised £14,000 and were also able to set up a feeding station where children outwith the school could also go to be fed.”

• Full story at the Milngavie & Bearsden Herald.

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