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Soup sales will save kids’ lives

Good Samaritans at a busy Sunday School are pulling out all the stops to
save the lives of people in Africa.

Caring kids at St John’s
Scottish Episcopal Church discovered that more than one billion people
across the world lacked access to clean water – and that more than 5,000
children died every day because of the shortage.

So they decided to
support a Wateraid charity project to pipe fresh water to rural areas of
Zambia where only 58 per cent of the population has access to taps, wells
and fountains.

Now the boys and girls will raise money for the
enterprise by selling soup throughout Lent, which begins tomorrow, to
members of the congregation, following services at the church in Floors
Street, Johnstone.

And all the cash they coin in will go to the
East African republic where fresh drinking water, something which people
in Britain take for granted, means the difference between life and death.

the Rev Donald Orr, priest at St John’s, in Floors Street, Johnstone,
praised the kind-hearted children and their Sunday School leaders, under
the guidance of Wilma Keenan, for tapping into the generosity of the
worshippers at the church to help families in Zambia who are desperate for
fresh drinking water.

"Lent is a time of reflection in the Church
year and people like to do something extra to help others to mark this
important season," said Mr Orr.

"I am very proud that our
children and their leaders have committed themselves so conscientiously to
this humanitarian project and are determined to keep it going during Lent.

money which they bring in might seem like small coppers to us here in
Scotland, but to the people of Zambia it will mark a huge change to their
lives. Here, in the developed Western world, we regard a clean and
seemingly endless water supply as our birthright with each family using
dozens of litres every day.

"Yet, in places such as Africa, the
figure is so much less, and people are put at risk because clean water is
in short supply.

"As Christians, we believe it is our duty to help
people in these countries.

"That is why our Sunday School children
will be selling the hot soup after Sunday morning services to bring hope
and life to the people of Zambia.

"I’ll probably have some myself,"
he added.

Sunday morning worship in St John’s is at 9.45am and
services last until around 10.45am.

The church is linked to St
Margaret’s Scottish Episcopal Church in Renfrew.

• Full story at the Paisley
Daily Express

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