Six decades of friendship and prayer in Fife town

The town of Leslie has a long and varied history dating back many centuries when it comes to places of worship.

A ‘place of worship’ for those from Prinlaws and Walkerton is estimated to date back to as far as the 1400s while other churches have existed within the community from the 17th and 18th centuries.

But on SaturdayChurch of Scotland logo a similarly significant date, if altogether more recent as far as the history of Leslie is concerned, the congregation of Trinity Church in the town came together to celebrate 60 years since the amalgamation of three churches was concluded.

Townsfolk, invited guests and members of the congregation attended a special 60th anniversary garden party at the church to mark the historic event.

They gathered to commemorate the decision taken in 1956 to unite three Church of Scotland churches in Leslie – West Kirk, which can trace its roots dated back to 1739, Prinlaws Kirk as far back as 1839, and Logan Martin Kirk which began life in 1771.

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