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Scottish team in Kolkata to restore 200-year-old cemetery

An eight-member team of conservationists from Scotland has flown into this city to restore its 200-year-old Scottish Cemetery, a relic of British rule, with at least 1,800 graves.

The team from the Scottish Heritage Society, which arrived here Sunday night, is led by Edinburgh-based conservation architect James Simpson.

The conservationists are in the country at the behest of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (Intach), the Kolkata Scottish Heritage Trust and the Church of North India (CNI), which administers Protestant churches.

The dense overgrowth covering the graves and the 20-feet high vegetation on the premises have been cleared by St Andrews’s Church and Intach to facilitate documentation and assessment of the property.

Simpson said it was touching to read inscriptions about people from remote parishes in Aberdeenshire, Paisley and Glasgow – all those who died far from home. The team, said Simpson, will return to Scotland at the end of the week to prepare a project report and raise funds.

Full story at Sindh Today.

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