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Scottish schools to teach ‘gay rights’ even if parents object

A new booklet from the Scottish Government telling schools to promote ‘gay rights’ has prompted concern that parents will be denied a say in what their children learn.

It tells Scottish schools to teach pupils about homosexual issues, run ‘diversity events’ for teachers and parents, and adopt a specific lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) ‘charter of rights’.

The booklet advises that “in some cases – and probably very rarely – a small minority of parents/carers may not agree with the school’s position on these issues and the necessity for this work.

“However, this does not mean that it should not go ahead.”

Mike Judge of The Christian Institute said: “All bullying is wrong and should be appropriately dealt with whenever it occurs, whatever its motive.

“Sadly, a hierarchy of victim has seeped into our education system where some forms of bullying are taken more seriously than others. One in four children is bullied for their faith, but I suspect bullying against Christian children comes some way down the pecking order.

“The worry is that this kind of single-issue approach can be used as a trojan horse for promoting a particular agenda. It is important that parents who object to these recommendations are properly listened to.”

• Full story at the Christian Institute.

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