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Scottish churches blaze a trail for eco-congregations action

Church congregations across Scotland committed to environmental action are due to meet in Stirling this weekend to develop and promote their work for people and planet.

The event is being sponsored by the Church of Scotland and Keep Scotland Beautiful.

The all-day inter-church conference will take place on Saturday 19 January at Stirling Baptist Church, coinciding with the ebginning of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity today.

Organisers say it will celebrate the success of Scottish eco-congregations, and will examine future challenges in raising global warming and climate change awareness within local churches of different traditions.

Eco-congregations have expanded and developed rapidly over the last five years. In Scotland there are currently 172, whilst in England the figure is over 270. Given the population disparities, that indicates a huge level of commitment in Scotland.

Full story at Ekklesia.

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