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Scots bishops call gay adoption “gravely wrong”

The leaders of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland have attacked the government and told the faithful to get involved in politics.

The Bishop’s Conference response to the legislation proposed for the next Parliamentary session in Westminster used some strong language, and reflects the frustration that the Church feels with the Labour party.

“Catholic adoption agencies are now to be indifferent as to whether a child is to be placed with a married couple of a homosexual cohabiting couple; this is gravely wrong,” the bishops said.

“Policies must help encourage family stability.

“We highlight the importance of the human family as the building block of society. Centuries of experience and learning testify to the importance of supporting family life for the well-being of society.”

They called on the government to “rethink” the forthcoming Equality Bill, which they claim imposes the “ideology” that gay people should be treated equally and impinges on religious freedom.

Full story at Pink News.

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