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Salvation Army group launches Scotland election films

A set of films encouraging people to vote in Scotland’s Holyrood elections in May has been launched by the Salvation Army.

Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Roberts who works for the Salvation Army told Premier faith and politics are good partners. He said: “There are things that you can do to prevent issues happening in the first place – and that’s where politics comes in.

“To try to influence policy makers, to change public policy, to change law, to prevent social issues developing, to prevent homelessness becoming such a big issue.”

He said that politicians from each party have been attending community centres and help shelters trying to get people engaged in politics.

“We’ve been filming those visits and asking them questions, and now we’ve got five minute clips prepared that will go out each Friday in April in the run up to the Scottish election on the 5th May,” he added.

The five films are being released on social media this month – and will feature the parties’ responses to the issues of homelessness, older people’s care, drug and alcohol misuse, employability, and debt.

In the first video, Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale visits The Pleasance Lifehouse (hostel for homeless men) in Edinburgh and answers questions about reducing the number of people in temporary accommodation and about reforming the private rented sector.

• Full story at Premier and the Salvation Army.

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