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Royal Navy satanist gets promotion

A sailor who admitted being a Satanist has been promoted to a job with the Ministry of Defence.

Scot Chris Cranmer became the first registered Devil worshipper in the armed forces three years ago.

Yesterday, his mother revealed her son had been head-hunted for a job in Whitehall. Catherine Cranmer said: “He works hard and he has achieved a lot in a short space of time. He is serving his country.”

Chris, 27, was a leading hand on HMS Cumberland, based in Devonport, Plymouth, when he told the Navy he was a Satanist. They accepted it and even offered him space on board to carry out Satanic rituals.

Catherine, of Kirkliston, near Edinburgh, said her son had gone to a service at her local kirk with her when he was home for Christmas. She added: “He is part of our family and his religion has never changed that.”

• Full story at the Daily Record.

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