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Rev William Cooper

Obituary of the Rev William Cooper, Church of Scotland minister; born 21 July, 1914, in Leith; died 4 December, 2008, in Kinross, aged 94.

During the Second World War, Bill diligently served overseas with the Church of Scotland “hut and canteen”, taking provisions to Scottish troops and offering spiritual counsel and pastoral care where it was required.

Before taking up his first charge, in Applegarth and Sibbaldbie on 7 January, 1944, Bill was heavily involved with the Iona Community, working on the island and in the housing schemes in Glasgow. The work of the Iona Community remained important to him throughout his life.

Bill’s hallmarks were a deep personal faith, good humour, humility, respect for others, graciousness and a genuine love of people. These attributes were evident throughout his life and in every aspect of his living.

Full story at The Scotsman.

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