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Rev James Matheson

Obituary of the Rev James Matheson, Moderator and parish minister; born 1 March, 1912, in Caithness; died: 28 October, 2007, on Skye, aged 95.

James Matheson DD was for many years a leading figure in the Church of Scotland. He gave distinguished service as a minister in three parishes and served as a senior administrator at 121 George Street – the Church’s offices in Edinburgh. Matheson was Moderator in 1975. Throughout his ministry, and especially when Moderator, he was keen to build bridges with those of other faiths and had a warm friendship with Thomas Winning, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Glasgow.

His experiences as a prisoner of war left a lasting impression and he devoted much of his ministry to helping the deprived and those less fortunate.

Full story at The Scotsman.

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