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Rev Duncan MacPhee

Obituary of the Rev Duncan MacPhee, Kirk minister to Balmoral Castle; born 1 August, 1915, in Perth; died 19 October, 2007, in Glasgow, aged 92.

If anyone was a natural choice for the ministry, it was the Rev Duncan MacPhee, writes Gordon Casely. This nonagenarian – he died in his 93rd year – was what human resources folk term “a people person”.

People mattered to MacPhee. He enjoyed finding out what their priorities were and how these might be achieved. Above all, he had a listening ear. His family and his flock always came head of any list, with visiting parishioners more first priority than second nature. The door of his Braemar manse was always open to visitors – if only they could establish that Duncan wasn’t actually out delivering pastoral care.

Full story at The Scotsman.

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