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Rev David Ogston

Obituary of the Rev David Ogston, Church minister and author; born March 25, 1945; died September 22, 2008.

David Ogston, who has died of cancer aged 63, was a minister in the Church of Scotland tradition that combined a commitment to the ministry with a great ability in writing, writes Johnston McKay. As well as two very distinguished parish ministries, he maintained a literary output which was highly praised and greatly valued.

Ogston was born in Buchan and, like the poet George Bruce whom he admired, Buchan was in his blood all his life.

As well as writing for print, Ogston produced brilliant scripts for religious broadcasts for BBC radio. A programme exploring the role of Jesus through descriptions of the various farm workers he knew in childhood, such as “the orraman, the plooman, the grieve”, was not only beautifully crafted but full of theological hints and insights.

Ogston was a brilliant minister, who never fully realised either how able he was or how much he was admired by others. Just as he could, most of the time, disguise his inner conflicts in pulpit words which people made their own, so he could dazzle as an after-dinner speaker and win countless wits’ evening competitions, while never really believing the adulation. He never allowed success to go to his head. His friends wished he could have allowed it occasionally to go to his heart.

Full story at The Herald.

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