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Religion has bigger role to play

The new minister at Buckhaven Baptist church believes his religion has to play a bigger part in the community.

Peter Carr will be ordained and inducted to the Pastorate on Saturday during a ceremony conducted by Ministry Advisor to the Baptist Union of Scotland, Rev Andrew Rollinson, and guest preacher Rev Crawford Harvey.

This will be Mr Carr’s first position as church minister and he is looking forward to the challenge.

He said: “This is my first charge. It’s quite normal to be apprehensive about it but it’s made easier by my faith.

“The community will be my number one priority. There is already a is already a hard-working core of helpers at the church and it will be by job to facilitate that for the betterment of the community.

“Society is going down the tubes. We hear about young people drinking, taking drugs and idolising pop stars.

“We need to reverse that trend and reintroduce God to transform their lives.”

Mr Carr (46) was born in Glasgow and became an advertising manager but when his marriage failed, his life hit an all-time low.

He said: “I fell into a cycle of drinking and taking drugs and I began to have suicidal thoughts.

“Although I wasn’t a Christian, my thoughts kept turning to God at that time.

“In 1998 I was at a crossroads. I was sitting in my bedsit in Glasgow’s west end thinking my life could go one of two ways.

“I turned to God for help. I bought a Bible and within a week I found a church, although it was an alien environment to me.

“Within two years I went to Bible college part-time. I then quit my job in advertising and got a degree in theology.”

Mr Carr met his current wife and moved to Inverness, where he attended theology college and eventually went to the Scottish Baptist College.

Full story at Fife Now – East Fife Mail.

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