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Reiver believers steal festival’s holy cows

The search is on for a gang of cattle rustlers who stole a herd of “holy” cows from outside a Christian music festival in the Capital.

The six purple-painted wooden cows were directing more than 5000 rock fans to Frenzy at Ingliston’s Highland Hall – an event broadcast across America on the God TV network.

One of the stolen cows – named Hilda – is believed to be in Glenrothes after several images of her were sent to festival organisers. Another member of the herd has reportedly been spotted in Newcastle.

Promoter Tim Thomson said he believed some of the thieves were at Saturday’s festival – despite their distinctly un- Christian attitude to taking other people’s property.

“We had the cows out on the main road and at roundabouts so that people would know where to go,” he said.

“We expected them to still be there when we went to collect them after the festival. It was a Christian event so you wouldn’t expect anything to get stolen.

“It is very strange because they all disappeared – it wasn’t just one or two of them. We think they were taken by different groups of people.”

Frenzy – Britain’s biggest Christian music festival – featured bands from the across the UK as well as acts from the United States, Australia and Canada.

• Full story at the Edinburgh Evening News.

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