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Rehab donkey dies aged 55: Seamus helped man beat booze

A donkey who saved an alcoholic from the bottle has died at the age of 55. Seamus passed away peacefully in his shed on Arran.

His owner, farmer James McKinnon, paid tribute to him yesterday, saying: “He was full of character and wisdom.”

And he told how Seamus helped change the life of an alcoholic friend who visited him on the farm.

James said: “A gentleman called Bill stayed on our farm cottage about four years ago and spent hours each day sitting beside Seamus, talking to him and wondering what he might be thinking.

“Bill was a recovering alcoholic and his therapy in the company of Seamus gave him fresh hope.

“He was aware of the Bible story in Numbers chapter 22, verses 21 to 34, where a man called Balaam became a changed character when God spoke to him through the mouth of his donkey.

“Seamus never spoke to Bill but his presence conveyed reassurance. Bill is now doing well and his life is alcohol-free.”

• Full story at the Daily Record.

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