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Priest launches tirade at Catholic hierarchy

A priest whose lengthy battle to remain in his parish was taken to the Vatican has launched a tirade against the Catholic Church hierarchy.

Canon Denis Quinlan, one of the so-called “Galloway Three”, said successive bishops in his diocese had forced his early retirement and he was still demanding a “full and unreserved apology” after almost 20 years of bitterness.

Canon Quinlan, along with Father Michael Lynch and Father Ralph Mancini, fought and won the battle to remain in their respective parishes after being ordered to move on by Bishop Taylor in 1990.

The Vatican ruled that the bishop had violated church law by ordering their transfer.

Canon Quinlan says he and the other priests then expected an apology and an explanation would follow but they never came, and he remains angry and frustrated at the treatment.

He said: “I will not let it go. What took place to myself and the others all those years ago was manifestly unjust and it is time those in charge acknowledged this and reinstated our good names.

Full story at The Herald.

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