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Priest all set for millennium visit

Father William McFadden from Kilmarnock is getting ready for the trip of a lifetime as he joins a team of three Scottish priests heading to Ethiopia for the party of the century.

The African country uses a different calendar to most others. The ancient calendar divides the year into 13 months — 12 of 30 days and one of five days.

As a result, Ethiopian dates fall between seven and eight years after the western Julian calendar, which was introduced by the Romans.

So 2007 is the year Ethiopia celebrates the turn of the millennium — and Father William will be there on Wednesday, September 12 for the event.

But the visit is not all about partying, as William and his two colleagues – Father John Eagers from Paisley and Father Joseph Sullivan from Glasgow – will also help to build a relationship between Scotland and Ethiopia.

Full story at Kilmarnock Standard.

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