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Peru project joy for Cupar minister

Hard working members of a Cupar church congregation have been given their best Christmas present ever. A home for street boys in Peru which they have helped to build is to be opened tomorrow, saving a number of boys from spending the festive season on the streets.

In August the region around Ica, where the home was being built, was devastated by a huge earthquake.

Members of Cupar Old Parish Church, many of whom have given the project practical as well as financial support, feared that the collapse of many buildings would lead to an increase in the population of abandoned street boys in the city.

However, in the aftermath of the earthquake, Scripture Union Peru decided to accelerate the building of the home in order that it would be able to accommodate some of the anticipated growing street boy population more quickly.

Describing the opening of the new home as ‘the greatest gift’, the church’s minister, Rev. Dr Ken Jeffrey, said it meant 15 young boys, some as young as seven, have been saved from spending the festive season on the streets, where they could be preyed upon by unscrupulous people.

• Full story at the Fife Herald.

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