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Parties row on faith schools plan

A Christian political party has called the Scottish Greens “eco-fascists” over its plans for religious schools. The Christian Peoples Alliance (CPA) in Scotland is angry the Greens want to integrate state religious schools into non-denominational education.

Joan Dillon, CPA Scotland’s Central region candidate, condemned the plans.

The Green’s co-convener Robin Harper said religious schools in a multi-faith society had no place in the state-funded system.

Ms Dillon said the Scottish Greens threatened parental choice, freedom of religion and diversity.

She added: “The Greens in Scotland have become eco-fascists, threatening a totalitarian response to parental choice, freedom of religion and the European Convention on Human Rights.

“Scottish church schools have undoubted successes in bringing people of diverse backgrounds together.

“At their best, they give a well-grounded education to their pupils and the kind of responsible, moral outlook that so many parents crave, especially among ethnic minority parents.”

CPA Scotland have made the defence of faith schools a major pledge in their campaign.

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