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Paisley Church is robbed just minutes after mass

Police were yesterday hunting a shameless thief who stole hundreds of pounds from a church just minutes after Mass had ended.

Shocked members of St John’s Church in Barrhead have slammed the callous crook, who booted in the locked door of the church sacristy to get his hands on the cash, thought to be at least £600.

One churchgoer said: “It’s appalling that anyone is willing to steal from a church just after people have been praying there during Mass.

“There is obviously nothing sacred to the thief who carried out this crime. That money was probably set aside for a good cause but now it is in the hands of someone who doesn’t deserve it.

“As part of my faith, I’m expected to forgive the person who did this but, I have to admit, I’m finding it difficult in my heart to do that.”

• Full story at the Paisley Daily Express.

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