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Obituary: Jamie Stuart, actor and athlete who wrote The Glasgow Bible

Jamie Stuart, who has died aged 95 after a series of strokes, was an actor, writer, athlete, vacuum cleaner salesman, social worker, tour guide and Herald and Evening Times paperboy in his late Sixties.

Anyone who ever met the man will be stunned that he did not reach 100 because the man defined the word energy – a runner from an early age he never stopped racing towards his next challenge.

Born in Carntyne in Glasgow’s East End, he and his three brothers shared a bedroom and a coping strategy for endemic poverty. The small ginger-haired boy watched his father battle through the Depression by trailing a horse and cart around the streets selling vegetables, and helped out where he could.

In the early Eighties … (he) ran off in yet another new direction, presenting the Gospel in Scots tongue on stage.

In 1988, now retired, he took on a new morning job. Paper boy. His daughters reckoned he was ‘off his head’. “Yes, they did, but pushing the last Herald through a letterbox and then having breakfast was a lovely experience.”

Four years later, Jamie Stuart moved from being the deliverer of the printed word to the writer. His book The Glasgow Gospel flew off the shelves faster than David’s slingshot could bring down his nemesis. By 1995, it re-emerged as The Glasgow Bible, and readers delighted to realise David had once challenged the mighty Goliath with “Weel, come oan then, ya big scrawny plook!”

• Full story at The Herald.

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