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Noted Christian speaker, author dies at 90

He was a simple man – quiet and reserved – who lived in a one-bedroom apartment in San Leandro and spent his entire life devoted to God.

But with 84 published books to his name and scores of other writings and spiritual messages spread throughout the world, people viewed William “Bill” MacDonald as a giant of a man.

MacDonald was born January 7, 1917, in Leominster, Mass. His family moved to the Isle of Lewis in Scotland shortly after and lived there for a while, then returned to the United States, where he attended Tufts University and received his master’s degree in business administration from Harvard.

He gained his personal faith in Christianity at 18 … In one of MacDonald’s best-acclaimed books — “Believer’s Bible Commentary,” a one-volume explanation of the Bible — he recalled an experience he had as a boy in Scotland when he was stricken with diphtheria, a disease that causes respiratory difficulty. His mother had given up all hope for him, he wrote, when suddenly his uncle arrived and said the boy would not die because God spoke to him after he read Psalm 91.

“God delivered me from death that night; He saved my soul thirteen years later, and He has satisfied me with long life,” MacDonald wrote. “So you will understand why I refer to Psalm 91 as my Psalm.”

Full story at Inside Bay Area, California.

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