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New Bible reveals God’s heart towards poverty and injustice

The Poverty and Justice Bible, the latest release from Bible Society, has broken new ground as the first ever to highlight, literally, the more than 2,000 passages that reveal God’s sorrow over poverty and injustice, and His command to believers to act to eradicate them.

The organisation hopes that the Poverty and Justice Bible will also act as a springboard for Christians to take action on these issues by helping them link social action with Scripture.

The new Bible, produced with support from aid agency World Vision, includes a 32-page study guide written by bestselling authors Nick and Claire Page, and covering a wide range of timely issues from equality to education, farming to Fairtrade.

The studies highlight that concern for the oppressed is foundational to faith, and encourage action – from giving, to praying, to living responsibly.

Bible Society’s Chief Executive James Catford said, “For us in this country, issues of poverty and justice have increasingly become front and centre. What this Bible shows is that on the topics that challenge us every day, God got there first. The Bible has something to say about life and, in fact, there’s nothing on earth that we can experience that the Bible doesn’t tackle.

“The Poverty and Justice Bible helps the Church engage with the Bible more effectively by linking Scripture with issues that are rooted in today’s world. For Bible Society, this is just as important as our work to make the Bible available. It’s all part of the fight against Bible poverty.”

Full story at Christian Today.

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