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Musicians go to Lourdes … but instruments are in Oman

A group of young Scottish musicians are stranded in Lourdes without their instruments, after they were lost by British Airways.

The volunteers arrived in the French town to discover that their drums, keyboards and microphones had been scattered around the globe, in Texas, Russia and Oman.

The group of 70 teenagers from the St Margaret’s of Scotland youth group in Glasgow are in Lourdes on a week-long trip to assist the archdiocese at its annual pilgrimage by performing music for the sick.

Last Thursday they flew to Toulouse from Glasgow, via Gatwick, but arrived to find 23 bags of equipment were missing.

Five days later they are still without 11 bags of equipment, and the group is set to return this weekend. Michael Canning, 49, group leader, said it would be a miracle if they received the instruments in time to perform.

Tour operator John Tangney, of Tangney Tours, Kent, has been helping the group by co-ordinating efforts to retrieve their instruments.

Mr Tangney said: “According to the BA baggage tracker, one of them is in Muscat, Oman, one is in Houston, Texas and another is in Ekaterinburg, Russia.”

Full story at The Herald.

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