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Moderator’s Remembrance Day remarks

The Moderator of the Kirk’s General Assembly, the Rt Rev Sheilagh Kesting, has today made the followings remarks:

“When the silence fell in November 1918 the noise of war and the grief of countless families were never meant to be heard again. The killing, the cruelty, the fear, the destruction of property and environment were to be things of the past. Over the years the techniques have changed, but the killing continues in too many places on earth, and families and the communities in which they are set are still torn apart as young men and women have their lives cut tragically short.

“When conflict is ended and peace is finally negotiated, the hurts and memories survive for longer. The silence holds memories and stories that prove too painful to tell.

“Remembrance Day presents us with the opportunity to stop in the midst of all that preoccupies us – to remember the names, the cost in human life, the grieving of so many people. And it allows people of different faiths and cultures the chance to commit themselves to work together to achieve, at last, the wish of those who returned in 1918 – that it should never happen again.”

• Full story at the Church of Scotland.

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