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Methodists to launch prayer help book

The Methodist Church is planning to release a new help book for people who want to pray but find it difficult.

Research has found that 72 per cent of Britons pray at some point, even though they may not believe in God, yet many people struggle with prayer.

Now the Methodist Church wants to encourage people to turn to prayer in every situation with its new publication, Prayer in Your Pocket.

The booklet has been compiled by the Rev Michaela Youngson, Methodist Secretary for Pastoral Care and Spirituality, and brings together prayers from around the world and closer to home.

While a Kenyan prayer cries out for peace and justice, Julian of Norwich reminds the reader of God’s everlasting love.

“Prayer is for everyone, but so many of us struggle with it. Prayer in Your Pocket has prayers for times of distress, times of abundance and need, prayer for times of joy,” said Rev Youngson.

“We hope this booklet will empower, uplift and comfort people in their daily lives.”

The 16-page illustrated booklet is a follow-up to the very successful Peace in Your Pocket, 75,000 copies of which were distributed by the Methodist Church throughout health clubs, bars and play centres over Christmas and New Year.

Full story at Christian Today.

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