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Marvin’s gospel truth

Marvin Andrews is the barefoot kid from Trinidad who found God, became a Rangers star – and says Gordon Brown is the answer to his prayers.

Today the Sunday Mail tells the gospel truth according to Marvellous Marvin as he reveals forthright views on sectarianism, racism and homosexuality.

The giant born-again Christian, whose book Marvellous Marvin is serialised in the Sunday Mail from today, admits he was once a sinner with booze, gambling and women.

He also tells how he snubbed English Premiership clubs to return to Raith Rovers, the Prime Minister’s hometown team, after God spoke to him through Brown.

And he hits out against sectarianism and the allegation that he hates gays.

• Full story at the Sunday Mail.

Gentle giant is admired throughout entire community

by Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The story of Marvin Andrews is one that needs to be told. It is about courage, endurance and commitment. It is a story that will inspire thousands.

And it is, literally, a story of rags to riches. For Marvin, the rags were all too real – playing football in his bare feet.

Now captain of Trinidad and Tobago, a Rangers star, a championship winner, Marvin could be excused for enjoying the adulation of the crowds. But he is interested much less in fame and fortune than in helping those in need.

I do not share or necessarily agree with all his fundamental beliefs but I respect the work he does in trying to help the disadvantaged and admire the leadership he is showing to the younger generation.

His real ambition is to help young people off drugs, out of anti-social behaviour and into a more fruitful life.

His desire to help reflects the impoverished and troubled background from which he emerged.

• Full story at the Sunday Mail.

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