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Mandela most admired campaigner says Christian Aid poll

The United Kingdom rates committed campaigners such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King far more highly than celebrities such as Sir Bob Geldof and Angelina Jolie, a new poll from Christian Aid shows.

The online poll was commissioned by Christian Aid to highlight the launch of its Transformation project taking place in towns and cities across the UK in September and October. A series of events will show people how to campaign more effectively on issues such as climate change, and global poverty.

Scotland’s event takes place in Perth on September 6.

‘We wanted to find out who people in the UK most admired when it came to campaigning, which global problem worried them most, and what they would be prepared to do about it. The results were fascinating,’ said Gavin McLellan, head of Christian Aid Scotland.

The three biggest concerns of those polled were ‘poverty, hunger and disease’ (31 per cent) ‘war and human conflict’ (29 per cent) and ‘climate change’ (15 per cent).

A greater proportion of people in Scotland would go on a demonstration to support a cause important to them than anyone else in the country – 36 per cent compared to a poll average of 27 per cent.

And a greater proportion would bring the issue to the attention of their MP by contacting them via letter or email – 56 per cent of those polled against an overall survey average of 49 per cent.

More respondents in Scotland and London believed they have a ‘moral duty to highlight world problems’ than elsewhere in the country. Twenty seven per cent of those polled in both places agreed with that statement, compared to a poll average of 23 per cent.

And a greater proportion of respondents in Scotland and the East of England believed that food price rises and shortages is the biggest problem facing the world than anywhere else in the UK – eight per cent of those polled in both places voted accordingly. The poll average was six per cent.

Anita Roddick scored the least number of votes in Scotland as ‘most admired campaigner’ – polling just one per cent against a poll average of five per cent. Conversely, the Dalai Lama received the highest number of votes as most admired campaigner from Scotland and the North East – eight per cent in each compared to a five per cent poll average.

Full story at Christian Aid.

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