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Lockerbie minister’s message of hope 20 years after tragedy

A Lockerbie minister spoke of hope for the future yesterday as the town remembered the atrocity which scarred it 20 years ago.

At a wreath-laying ceremony at the town’s Dryfesdale Cemetery, Canon Michael Bands described the two decades since Pan Am flight 103 exploded in the skies above as “years of the deepest mourning and the experience of the greatest pain”.

He said: “Nothing will ever change the pain, nothing will change those gut-wrenching experiences.

“But we have the ability within us to make changes, to ring out the old bad things and ring in the new. Let what is past be past and let us take what happened in the most positive way to make the future better.”

The episcopal minister [sic] spoke alongside Catholic priest Father Joe Holmes at the service, part of a series of events kept low-key at the request of the townspeople.

• Full story at the Daily Record.

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