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Life and Work looks at the whole truth

The September issue of Life and Work considers different perspectives on the Bible – is it the literal truth?

The whole truth?
The Rev Ian Watson, secretary of the evangelical group Forward Together says: “Evangelicals have no doubt that when the Bible is read we are hearing the Word of God.” The Rev Graham Helier, who writes under the theme of progressive Christianity says of the Bible: “It is not the Word of God, though it speaks of the good news that is God’s word to us and it witnesses to Jesus who is proclaimed as the word of God.”

In a separate column Ron Ferguson writes: “It is perfectly possible both to be sceptical about some stories in the scriptures and to live a resourceful Christian life. Don’t be intimidated by those with a lust for certainty.”

Leading figures in the Church also name their favourite Bible translations and passages.

A leap of faith

September’s profile features Professor Andrew McGowan, the founder and principal of the Highland Theological College in Dingwall. The College which is now accredited for candidates entering the ministry of the Kirk, is part of the University of the Highlands and Islands. Students from remote areas can access lectures through video-conferencing technology. “UHI is a marvellous opportunity for people to access higher education, which was never possible for them before”, says Professor McGowan.

• Full story at the Church of Scotland.

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