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Leap of faith: Bishop Gene Robinson

Extensive interview by Catherine Deveney with the Rt Rev Gene Robinson,
Bishop of New Hampshire, the Anglican church’s [sic] first openly
gay bishop. Now banned from the upcoming Lambeth Conference by the
Archbishop of Canterbury, he is at the centre of a row threatening to tear
the religious establishment apart.

I’d like to quote Peter
Akinola, I tell him. "I think I’ve heard that name before," he murmurs
dryly. Akinola said: "I have been so demonised by the western media. I
tell people when they talk about this, Christ had it so much worse."

that interesting," says Robinson quietly. "It is hard for me to view
Bishop Akinola as Christ-like when he calls gay and lesbian people lower
than dogs. In order to be able to persecute people, you first have to see
them as subhuman." He’s never heard that particular quote before. "It’s
amazing to me. He and the Archbishop of Kenya have, time and again,
demonised people, so to be claiming to be victim I find… any word from
amusing to infuriating."

Full story at Scotland
on Sunday

• Bishop Robinson is scheduled to preach
at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral
in Glasgow on Sunday, August 3, 2008.

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