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Lambeth Marketplace offers goods, ideas, meeting place

From a woman selling “holy socks” — along with “glory golf balls” and “biblical brollies” – to advocacy groups from across the spectrum of causes, to clerical haberdashers offering the latest in episcopal wear, the 2008 Lambeth Conference’s Marketplace is a place to meet with others, shop, and learn.

Just around the corner from the main entrance is Margaret Wyllie, of Newton Stewart in Scotland, with her business, Holy Socks, Faith on your Feet. She sells socks with symbols of Bible verses and other aspects of Christianity as a dove, loaves and fishes, and Daniel in the lions’ den — “the lions have their mouths very firmly shut.”

Wyllie said the socks are a form of evangelism. “It’s a very gentle introduction to the Christian faith,” she said. “People will ask the question: ‘What is that on your sock?’ And then they can take it as slowly, as quickly — or as funnily — as they want to.”

It’s been “eight years and three weeks to the date of when we sold our first Holy Sock,” Wyllie said.

The stand’s Glory Golf Balls feature Bible verses such as “A time to seek and a time to lose.” Her Biblical Brollies (umbrellas) are emblazoned with Matthew 5:45: “For He sends rain on the just and on the unjust.”

Full story at Episcopal Life.

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