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Labour’s Glasgow fortress may succumb to apathy

Here, in a contest that could make Henley or Crewe and Nantwich look like a warm-up, the Government faces the possibility of losing a seat it regards as one of its fortresses (Glasgow East is ranked as its 25th most secure in Britain).

Sandy Weddell, the minister of Easterhouse Baptist Church, whose work in the area encouraged Iain Duncan Smith to set up his Centre of Social Justice think tank, has noted a definite change in the area. “My own particular view, purely subjective, is that Labour could be in for a shock. I think a lot of people will vote SNP even though they are not nationalist. The difference now is that there’s a viable alternative to Labour. And that’s very much in people’s minds.

“There is the real sense that Labour has moved away from where people are.”

• Full story at the Sunday Times.

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