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Labour and the turbulent priests

Analysis of the Christian vote in the run-up to May’s elections to the Scottish Parliament. “the traditionally close relationship between the Catholic Church and the Scottish Labour Party appears to be fragmenting just when Labour needs it most.”

“This … spat has brought into focus the tension among Christian socialists between socially progressive policies and moral conservatism. The Christian People’s Alliance is the embodiment of that tension and what happens when Labour supporters can no longer reconcile the two divergent approaches.

“The Scottish arm of the CPA was set up by Teresa Smith, a former local Labour office-holder. On one side, the CPA endorses many traditional left-wing policies – it is against the replacement of Trident and the Iraq war; it is in favour of free school meals for all and the alleviation of poverty through government action.

“However, the CPA is also staunchly anti-abortion and pro-family, attacking not only the Executive’s introduction of so-called “quickie divorces” and gay adoption, but also proposals to liberalise the teaching of homosexuality in schools.

Full story at The Scotsman.

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