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Korea opportunities as Frees look east

Free Kirk ministers want to learn the secret of packed church services in South Korea. The church is sending a team of youth workers to the Far East in order to find out why churches, which are little different from the Free Church in their belief and worship, are so packed that some have to arrange an almost continual round of Sunday services.

Despite South Korea being a traditionally Buddhist nation, Christianity is booming. Over a quarter of the nation is estimated to belong to either a Protestant or Roman Catholic church, and 11 of the world’s 12 biggest church congregations are in Seoul, the capital.

South Korea also sends more Christian missionaries abroad than any other nation except the United States.

Ironically, Scottish Presbyterian missionaries brought their faith to Korea at the end of the 19th century, and a Scottish missionary called John Ross has been dubbed the father of Protestantism in Korea.

The Free Church, which has been estimated as having a about 14,000 congregants, is learning lessons from Korea’s Hapdong Presbyterian Church, which is 2.5-million strong.

Full story at Scotland on Sunday.

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