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Kluk DNA swab testing questioned

A forensic expert in the Angelika Kluk murder trial has conceded she did not swab all of a piece of tape used to gag the Polish student.

Carol Weston said a print provided DNA which closely matched the accused Peter Tobin but said in hindsight she should have swabbed the whole tape.

The High Court in Edinburgh also heard there was no DNA linking her death to a priest who admitted sleeping with her.

Peter Tobin, 60, denies raping and murdering Angelika and other charges.

Father Gerry Nugent, 63, gave a DNA sample to detectives investigating the Polish student’s murder.

But forensic scientist Mrs Weston, 33, said the test had shown nothing to link the priest to Angelika’s death.

Appearing as a witness for the second day, Mrs Weston told the court that Father Nugent, and a number of other people, had been asked to give DNA samples “for elimination purposes”.

They included Angelika’s married lover Martin Macaskill and his wife Anne. Mrs Weston said there was no evidence to link any of them, in terms of DNA profiles, to Angelika’s dead body.

Full story at BBC Scotland News.

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