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Kirk to hear plans for annual Children’s Assembly

For the first time, 10- to 12-year-olds in the Church of Scotland will appoint their own ‘ambassadors’ to the General Assembly this May.

May’s General Assembly will see the Mission & Discipleship Council unveil an innovative set of proposals for their future work with youth and children.

Through its Education & Nurture task group, the Council seeks to help people of all ages be “at home” with wisdom, for life at work, in school and on the street as well as in their own families.

Perhaps most prominent among the task group’s plans is the first-ever National Children’s Assembly, which is scheduled to take place in Aberfoyle between 28 and 30 September.

Having run the groundbreaking National Youth Assembly for some number of years, the Council’s Education & Nurture task group is looking to repeat this very successful formula with those at the very beginning of their journey of faith.

The Assembly will hear that invitations have been issued to every Presbytery in the Kirk to send one child in primary six or seven to gather with peers for a weekend of discussion, debate, worship and fun. The Presbyteries of England and Europe have also been invited to send representatives along to participate in this adventure.

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