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‘It’s the purse-lipped, white, middle-class Guardianistas who hate Christmas’

When the Asian website conducted a survey of its subscribers, 62 per cent said they looked forward to Christmas and enthusiastically celebrated it, writes Richard Littlejohn.

There was no evidence that religious minorities were in the slightest bit offended by Christian festivals. Sounds about right.

It’s the purse-lipped, white, middle-class Guardianistas who hate Christmas, along with everything else about British tradition.

The BBC is celebrating victory over Christian groups who wanted the Corporation prosecuted for blasphemy over the screening of Jerry Springer: The Opera.

The problem with the Springer show was not that it was blasphemous – it was a parcel of pretentious, unfunny rubbish.

Mark Thompson, the BBC director-general, hailed the ruling as a triumph for freedom and common sense.

I happen to think he’s right. But he’d never have shown a musical which portrayed the Prophet Mohammed as a gay, drug-snorting coprophiliac in a nappy.

And at the same time Thompson was cracking open the Wood Lane bubbly, BBC Radio Nottingham caved in to a protest by Muslim “leaders” and rushed out a craven apology for a lame crack by a local DJ about teddy-bear hostage Gillian Gibbons calling her dog “Mohammed”.

Thompson says all religions must be respected but none should have the right of veto.

So perhaps he can explain why, when it comes to the BBC, some faiths are more equal than others.

Full story headlined ‘Me neither, guv’ is downpage at the Daily Mail.

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