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Isobel Watt McNeillie

Obituary of Isobel Watt McNeillie, headmistress and linguist; born September 15, 1930; died November 18, 2008.

Isobel McNeillie, who has died aged 78, was a hard-working teacher who was headmistress for 16 years of Craigholme, now the only independent school in the west of Scotland catering exclusively for girls.

To see Isobel McNeillie’s life merely as a professional success is to miss half the story. Her generous hospitality was renowned among her friends, and she was an excellent hostess. Possessed of a fine contralto voice, she was at various times a member of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, Paisley Operatic Society and Glasgow Grand Opera Society. She was an elder of the Church of Scotland and had been session clerk in Johnstone High Church.

Full story at The Herald.

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