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I don’t dumb down God – ‘astonishing article in the Daily Mail’

Photo: Rev David Robertson

Rev David Robertson

Kevin McKenna is a senior Scottish journalist who writes for the Guardian, Observer and in this case the Daily Mail, writes Rev David Robertson.

A number or weeks ago he contacted me about doing a story.  I was of course suspicious but I met with him and we had a great conversation.  I found him to be intelligent, thoughtful and very interesting.

Today his story was published in a two page spread in the Mail.  I found it to be very humbling and encouraging.  And I continue to pray for Kevin… Sometimes in the midst of the battle the Lord grants victories…I hope you enjoy the following article.

Please note – I hope that this is not posted with any sense of boasting.  Of course I am pleased to have such a positive report on St Petes and my own work there, but for me the main thing is that a mainstream journalist was so positive about an unashamedly biblical church!

He challenges trendy secularism, is angry about intolerance and believes in teaching the Bible. And he’s packing pews with no-nonsense preaching. Meet the Rev David Robertson, a thoroughly modern (and uncompromising) Christian soldier:

• Full story at the Wee Flea.

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