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He’s one of The Best, so why is the Reverend getting so much stick?

Graham Spiers mounts a defence of football referee and Baptist pastor
Mike McCurry

There cannot have been many referees across
Britain on Sunday who spent the morning baptising eight people in a
Baptist church and then went out in the afternoon to officiate in a
football match beamed live on TV around the world. That, however, was the
fate of the Reverend Mike McCurry at Rugby Park, and look at the bother it
got him into.

Referees, like players, cannot be immune from the
vocal inanities of the stands, but McCurry appears to have had a
particularly raw deal recently. Even on Sunday morning one Scottish
tabloid, trying its best to whip up more “McCurry controversy”, just about
qualified in reproducing the front-page
non-story of the year, together with pictures
, about a recent church
service which McCurry had conducted, in which he used a well-known
evangelical chorus based on the old Tina Turner hit, The Best.

will have to stay with me for a moment to get this. The “controversy” was
that, quite amazingly, McCurry used the chorus, with its rewritten paeons
to Jesus and salvation in the Lord, just the day after – yes, the day
after! – an Old Firm game. The Rangers fans also use The Best as an
unofficial anthem, and so … well, that was just controversial of McCurry.

Full story at The Times.

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