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Grocer removes Buckfast and cider off shelves

Local councillors have praised the actions of an Arbroath licensed grocer who has removed Buckfast and cider from his shelves.

Mr Uddhab Bhattari, the owner of the West Port Grocers, wrote to Councillor David Fairweather about under-age drinking in Arbroath. And, in response, Councillor Fairweather and Councillor Peter Nield visited his shop.

Councillor Nield said it was an unexpected and excellent response from Mr Bhattari who, upon hearing of the effects upon children and the anti-social behaviour of under-age drinking, immediately made a pledge to remove from his shelves there and then cider and Buckfast, the preferred cheap alcohol of under-age drinkers.

Councillor Fairweather said: “This decision by Mr Bhattari is an example for all Arbroath licensed retail outlets to follow. I was astounded by the quick and decisive action of Mr Bhattari once he understood the problems of cheap drink, regardless of who is buying it.”

Councillors Nield and Fairweather added: “This is no small success for us. We, along with councillors Jim Miller and Donald Morrison, have been working together to address the under-age drinking problems in Arbroath.”

They concluded: “If other shops and supermarkets were to remove cheap booze from their shelves we will be a step nearer to reducing the anti-social behaviour in Arbroath. We now call on other shops including national and international chains to follow suit.”

Mr Bhattari told the Arbroath Herald: “The problems of teenage drunkenness and anti-social behaviour occur all over the town and by taking this action I am making my contribution as a responsible member of society.

“Obviously, I am particularly concerned about the situation in West Port, as that is where my shop is situated but I believe that my small contribution could have a big benefit.

“I may lose a small amount of money by doing this but it could make a big difference to the town, so it is definitely worth it.”

Full story and picture at the Arbroath Herald.

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